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Cubbies Crib Total Bases Tournament: Round Three


Welcome to the semifinal of the Total Bases Tournament! We started off with 16 participants on Thursday and now we’re down to the final four. How about that Chris Davis, eh? (That one was for you, Andrew.)


  • One player per day
  • Only singles (1 base), doubles (2 bases), triples (3 bases), and homeruns count (4 bases); HBPs, errors, FCs, etc do not.
  • Cannot choose a player that has already been picked.
  • Player must be picked prior to start of game; if scratched from lineup, replacement must be chosen before the start of his respective team’s game.
  • Must also pick a tie-breaker player – only considered if there is a tie
  • You must do your research; If your pick does not play, you are automatically relegated to your backup. If he does not play, your opponent wins by default – that is, if his players play. 

Round two featured:

Of those, the following have advanced:

@iDaulton’s Freedie Freeman (1)
@CompadreMax’s Jose Reyes (10)
@spncrpatterson’s Troy Tulowitzki (3)
@ShonChainsaw77’s Chris Davis (5)

Round three: