Cubbies Crib Presents: The Return of the Total Bases Tournament!


Credit Randall J. Sanders (@RandallJSanders)

Last year, around mid-season, I tweeted a few buddies asking if they wanted to have a little competition. I wasn’t specific when it came to addressing my tweet, so many of my followers wanted in. And with that, the Total Bases Tournament was born!

The premise is simple: 16 people pick one player over the course of four days beginning every Thursday. Half are eliminated each day, leaving only two for the final round on Sunday night.


  • One player per day
  • Only singles (1 base), doubles (2 bases), triples (3 bases), and homeruns count (4 bases); HBPs, errors, FCs, etc do not.
  • Cannot choose a player that has already been picked.
  • Player must be picked prior to start of game; if scratched from lineup, replacement must be chosen before the start of his respective team’s game.
  • Must also pick a tie-breaker player – only considered if there is a tie
@BadNewsCubzBryce Harper



Jose Bautista


Starlin Castro



Michael Morse


Joey Votto



Angel Pagan


Andrew McCutchen



Dustin Pedroia


Josh Hamilton



Ryan Zimmerman


David Wright



Justin Upton


Adam Jones



Miguel Cabrera


Chris Davis



Evan Longoria

How to enter: 

The quickest way to ensure that you’re in – and trust me, it fills up fast – is by tweeting me @MindofStan. I will then tell you if there any spots left, what player has been taken, and other things pertaining to the organization of the tournament.

Consider this tournament as a way to get yourself recognition amongst the baseball faithful of Twitter. It has created great camaraderie after just half a season. 

I recommend you do your homework before picking your player. Let the tournament commence!