MLB FanCave Update: Cubs Fan Katie Cernek Cracks Top 30


Well Cubs fans, you guys kick some serious ass.

Katie and

Tony Campana

during a Cubs game in 2012. She later stalked Tony for an autograph…. The full story can be heard on the second episode of Climbing The Ivy

You may remember Katie Cernek, who was a special guest on the Climbing The Ivy podcast 2 weeks ago, is campaigning to become part of the MLB FanCave for the 2013 season. Why is Katie so special? She’s the only Cubs fan to make the finalists this season.

We asked you to vote for Katie as she’s a good friend of the site and you stepped your game up big time: Katie has made the top 30.

She’s now going to be whisked away to Arizona for spring training and an audition to be put in the MLB FanCave this season. You’ve done well readers, and I know Katie is grateful for your support. There’s even proof!

Apparently I get to be “the” Andrew Denny, and that has nothing to do with a typo at all. Babes dig baseball nerds right?

I had a chance to speak with Katie briefly today after the announcement was made and she wanted me to pass her personal thanks along to all the readers who voted. She is elated at the opportunity.

Stay tuned as she’s promised me an exclusive interview, so we’ll see how that turns out. I’m hoping it can be live from spring training, but we’ll cross that bridge when the time comes.

Give yourself a big pat on the back if you voted for Katie. You helped make a girl’s dreams come true today.