Sudden Move Makes Josh Vitters Viable As Trade Bait


The Cubs’ front office is exceedingly good at keeping secrets.

Like… borderline Fort Knox style security.

As a writer for Cubbies Crib, it drives me absolutely insane. Any leaks from the organization have to be trickled through countless sources before the reach the level where folks like me can access it. Frankly it’s probably for the best because a secretive front office is usually one step ahead of the trend. We all want whats best for the team in the end.

However, there’s the rare occasion when a small tidbit of information leaks out and you can make some pretty good estimations based on baseball common sense.

Luckily, today was one of those days. Josh Vitters was the subject of some squirrel-y behavior in the Venezuelan Winter League as he was removed from the Caracas Lions roster rather suddenly.

Hmm… fishy. This could mean a variety of different things:

  1. Vitters is injured: He could be hurt, or sick, or just not feeling 100%. Normally there would be some kind of announcement from the team containing at very least a minimal level of detail of whats gone on, but since its the VWL, nothing is for certain.
  2. Vitters has been traded: Most teams would remove any player subject to a trade as soon as is humanly possible in order to protect their assets. Every play means taking a risk at injury – just ask Derek Jeter.
  3. Vitters has quit baseball permanently and decided to pursue a career in pole dancing.

It’s unlikely that Vitters would quit baseball, so it begs the question: Is Vitters on the move?

It does seem a plausible option. Vitters isn’t exactly an “Epstein and Hoyer” style player and his rather lackluster performance during his late season call up last season could put him on the chopping block. Vitters would be welcomed in many other team’s systems as he is a valuable player with raw skill and big upside. There are many teams who are thirsty for a strong, young prospect at the hot corner…

September 10, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Chicago Cubs infielder Josh Vitters (5) slides safely back into first base in the sixth inning against the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

Take in to consideration the timing too. With the November 30th tendering deadline drawing in, many teams will be looking to make moves – including the Cubs. We know that the team will be movers and shakers pre-deadline and at the Winter Meetings in order to find value buys as the backbone of its rebuild. Its not all that far-fetched of an idea.

While nothing is for certain as of right now, it’s worth taking note of in case there is something of substance further down the line. If there is, we’ll be certain to bring you all the breaking news as it comes.