A Look to the Future


Most of us have no idea where we will be in nine years, but Jorge Soler has a pretty good idea where he will be in the 2021 season. He just inked a nine year deal with the Cubs worth around $30 million. There is a clause in the deal that says Soler can opt out of that contract when he is eligible for arbitration. With such a long deal, it makes one wonder what the Cubs lineup will look like in 2015.

Let’s start with Soler, he projects to be a good right fielder with five tools. He will probably hit third in the lineup once he refines his power. He has all of the makings of an all star and this would be his rookie season.

Next, and most obvious, is Starlin Castro. He could be a third basemen by this time and his career, but nothing is certain. If he improves his defense and attitude then he can be an elite shortstop, but it might not work out that way with Javier Baez in the system. Castro is probably a future two hitter, maybe leadoff with his speed.

Maybe the best of all these future players is Anthony Rizzo. Rizzo will probably hit cleanup with his power and average. He is crushing it in the minors and could be up to the majors this year by the all star break. He will have far less pressure on him when he comes up than last year. He will probably start hitting this year and never stop. He will play first base almost certainly.

Junior Lake will probably eventually replace Darwin Barney as the team’s second basemen. He will probably be a 6-8 hitter when he makes it in the big leagues.

Albert Almora will probably be in the big leagues by this time. He is also a five tool player and will probably be the team’s center fielder on opening day 2015. He will probably be the leadoff hitter or 5 hitter if his power develops.

Brett Jackson will also probably be around at this time and could be in the majors this year. He will probably be the left fielder of the future because there is a better center fielder (Albert Almora) in the system. He will probably be a 5, 6 or 7 hitter at this time.

Javier Baez is a great player who needs to develop a little while and he might be in the bigs by 2014. He could be the shortstop if he continues to develop the way he has. If he hits with power like the Cubs think he can, then he can be a middle of the order hitter.

Wellington Castillo will probably be the catcher if he can beat out Steve Clevenger.

So the lineup looks like this:

ALbert Almora, CF
Starlin Castro, SS/3B
Jorge Soler, RF
Anthony Rizzo, 1B
Javier Baez, SS/3B
Brett Jackson, LF
Wellington Castillo, C
Junior Lake, 2B
Pitcher’s slot (Jeff Samardzija, Matt Garza)

This is taking a lot of things for granted in the development of all of these prospects, but this lineup is very possible. Some of these prospects are already hitting hard in the minors and Castro is hitting hard in the majors. The pitching rotation does not look as solid, but this lineup takes into account no free agent signings, trades or future drafts. This also doesn’t take into account other prospects in the system like Matt Szczur, Josh Vitters, Dan Vogelbaach, Jeimer Candelario, or Dave Sappelt. The future looks bright for the Cubs and it will be interesting to see what pieces they can add at this trade deadline and any future acquisitions. I imagine t will be centered around pitching.