2012 Cubs Speed Burst


The Cubs have been noticeably more aggressive on the base paths this season and it is paying off. The Cubs have taken twenty-one bases this season. Most notably the two culprits are: Tony Campana and Starlin Castro.

The Cubs’ Way certainly seems to involve swiping bases. This is an awesome strategy for a lineup that has very little punch, but teams can win by playing small ball. The Cubs have played decently well and stolen bases can help them keep out of the double play and put runners in scoring position. This can create big innings for the Cubs and make opposing pitchers earn every out.

Starlin Castro is already half-way to his 2011 stolen base total and it seems to be a change of managers that has given him a boost of speed. Castro seems to have more confidence and is getting far better jumps on the base paths. Dale Sveum looks to be giving him the green light and Castro and the Cubs have reaped the benefits.

Tony Campana might be the fastest player in the big leagues. He is too fast for people to throw him out. His only problem is getting on base, but this year he is doing a far better job of beating the ball into the ground and getting infield singles. A single with Tony Campana is essentially a double because he is going to steal second.

The Cubs have been much more aggressive on the bases and it is a winning strategy. The Cubs can continue to steal bases and put themselves in positions to score runs almost every inning.