New Faces at Cubbies Crib: Andrew Denny


That magic white “W” flag is flying high in my camp today.

Much like when the Cubs win at home, the good people of Chicago know how to celebrate a victory properly with class. Of course, I may not be from Chicago (or be the classiest person on the planet) but I know a good thing when I see it.

Being welcomed onto the staff here at Cubbies Crib is definitely a good thing.

I cant say enough about the guys who make projects like these come together. There’s an insane amount that goes into maintaining and moderating any website, but one that has to appeal to the needs of Cubs fans? That’s a challenge no sane man would take on. Without hard working guys who have a passion for baseball, none of this would exist and we’d all be left to navigate the Cubs blogosphere on our lonesome.

So who am I? (other than that new chump on the block)

My name’s Andrew Denny and I’m the newest addition to the team here at Cubbies Crib. Born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, I’m a full time worker at the local curling club tending bar and a freelance writer. Having traveled to Chicago in 2008 to visit family, I fell in love with Wrigley Field and the Cubs during a heated game against the Brewers and never looked back.

I still don’t know what it was about Wrigley that did me in…. the history… the team…

Or maybe it was the fact that the Cubs actually WON a game while I was there!

All jokes aside, the cubs stole my heart and now I combine my obsession with baseball with my love for writing. I started out with my own personal blog as an outlet for my love for baseball (there aren’t a ton of hardcore baseball fans in the city I’m from) and was plucked from obscurity by a fellow names Blaine Blontz. He suggested I apply to become part of the FanSided team after reading an article I had written about the LA Dodgers ownership fiasco and I jumped at the opportunity to write for a proper publication.

After going through the usual, bureaucratic process, I was made part of the team. And what a team it is…. Jordan (who heads Cubbies Crib) sent me a welcoming email almost immediately after being appointed to Cubbies Crib. Not that I’ve ever met the guy, but he seems like a stand up gent.

The bar is set pretty high as Cubbies Crib has one of the best writing teams I’ve ever seen.

They analyse in depth, they get the facts straight, they lay their opinions out there for the masses to critique…

Hell, they just kick ass.

We all appreciate the depth of a challenge, but I feel like I have to step up to the plate and swing with the big boys now. I’m eternally grateful for this opportunity knowing that there are many others who would kill for a shot at writing for a publication like this. Its pretty close to a dream come true!

To the faithful readers of Cubbies Crib, I hope I only bring the best and most relevant Cubs news and opinions to your fingertips. If you have something to say about an article I wrote, say it! Leave a comment or find me on twitter (@denny_andrew) and let  me know what you thought. The best way to figure out what kind of job I’m doing is from you, the readers! Even if you just want to talk ball get in touch  (read: save me from being lonely)

All in all, im humbled to be in the position I am right now. I cant wait to start contributing to this community and be a part of something we all love: Chicago Cubs Baseball.

Lets hope that “W” flag keeps waving for a long time to come.