Ron Santo Elected To Hall Of Fame


At long last, one of the greatest travesties in the long history of baseball’s Hall of Fame has been righted.

Ron Santo was swept into the Hall this morning by the Golden Era Committee. His official induction will take place on July 22.

Unfortunately, Ron Santo won’t be there. He passed away last year.

It is completely inexcusable that the voters for the Hall left Santo out this long. It is reprehensible that Santo would be inducted posthumously when he had been on the ballot so many times. It is pathetic that so many members of the media are commenting on how sad it is that Santo finally goes into the Hall after his death when they are often the very people who foolishly voted to keep him out of the Hall year after year after year. But all of that fades behind the reality that Santo is finally getting the recognition that is so long overdue.

The failure of the Hall to enshrine Santo in his lifetime will remain as a significant black mark on the Hall’s voting record for generations, but at least they did finally get it right.

Finally, Ron Santo is in the Hall of Fame. This honor came far too late, but at least it finally came. And at the end of the day, that is what matters most.

Congratulations Ron.