Mike Quade’s Will Likey Be Fired–or Endorsed–This Week


The fate of manager Mike Quade has been on the mind’s of every Cubs’ fan since the beginning of the season. At this point it is no secret how most Cubs’ fans feel towards Quade. Quade may be a great all-around person, but in terms of managing a major league baseball team, Quade leaves a lot to be desired. It has long been believed that Quade’s fate was tied to together with former General Manager Jim Hendry’s fate. Seeing as Hendry is no longer with the organization, most expect that Hendry’s guy, Quade, will also not return to the team next season.

Newly appointed President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein met with Quade face-to-face last Thursday to discuss whether or not the manager will return next season. Epstein told reporters during his introductory press conference that he would first have to meet Quade before making a decision on the manager for the 2012 season. While Epstein and Quade met for several hours last week, Quade’s fate has yet to be determined. Quade is expected to meet with Epstein, who this time, will be accompanied by General Manager Jed Hoyer. It is at that meeting that Quade’s fate will be decided.

There seems to be some speculation growing that Epstein and Hoyer may decided to ride out the final year of Quade’s contract. Under the scenario, that may indicate that both Epstein and Hoyer have sights set on a current manager who will not be available until after the 2012 season. Meaning Quade would be operating under a lame-duck status for the entire season. While that scenario does hold some merit, I do not think it is a likely scenario. Because if the Cubs were to bring back Quade, there would be a difference in philosophy between the manager and the front office. As Cubs fans had the unfortunate pleasure of finding out this past season, Quade has no confidence in young players. The lack of confidence by Quade has lead to various prospects from the minor leagues being called up to sent on the bench rather than playing on the field. Meanwhile, Epstein and Hoyer are firm supporters in a continuous flow of talent being placed on the major league (and playing) from the minor league system. That philosophy is almost a direct contradiction of the philosophy that Quade uses while managing.

Jed Hoyer and Jason McLeod are set to be formally introduced on Tuesday, and I would expect the Cubs to announce the firing of Quade by the end of the week.