Line of the Week: Rohan


What do we make of an infielder who is having a great year, but who is a touch old for his level of the minors? Do we ignore him? Promote him? Greg Rohan has been an interesting case all season. He finished 2010 in Daytona, but started 2011 back in Peoria. He can play either corner infield position, but has never done so above A-ball. On the other hand, his OPS is .140 higher this season than it was last season. Prospect status aside, that’s good enough for a Line of the Week.

Rohan has also added a Florida State League Player of the Week to his resume.

Looking over Rohan’s stats, there are plenty of numbers to like. Between Peoria and Daytona, he has an on base percentage of 0.381. That’s not bad for a slugger, but I’d like to see it at least a little higher. In 15 games with Daytona, that OBP is 0.452, a much healthier number.

His strikeouts aren’t excessive. He does walk a little. He can hit the long ball, already knocking three in Daytona after hitting just five in his time with Peoria. He has spent time at both first and third this season, and flexibility is always a good thing.

I think he stays in Daytona for the rest of this season and picks some valuable playoff experience, but I hope he gets a shot at Tennessee to start 2012. So long as he can hit at a particular level, I see no reason to not aggressively promote him up the system… if innings can be found for him. And that is the downside of having a deep farm system. The Cubs could send him to Tennessee today, but only if someone like Josh Vitters or Rebel Ridling loses some at bats. Of course, one of those guys could be sent to Iowa, but Iowa is trying to find time for Ryan Flaherty, D.J. LeMahieu, Marquez Smith, Bryan LaHair, and Scott Moore at the corner infield positions. September could help clear some of that congestion in Iowa, but in September the minor league seasons are basically over, except for the playoffs. Depth is good, but it can cause problems in terms of player development.

But let’s not write off Greg Rohan just yet, even if he is a touch old for A-ball. He’s no Pujols, but he could be another Jeff Baker. If he has a good run through the playoffs, he should get a shot at the upper levels of the minors next season.