Watch(ing) The Cubs On A Whole New-Level


How many times have you sat at home trying to figure out what time the Cubs game starts on that day? You go through the TV guide to try and find the channel, and instead all you can find is the channel for the Sox game. Well, no longer will you have to struggle in order to find when the Cubs game starts.

Fan-Watches is a site that features watches featuring every professional sports team. One of their top-selling products are watches that feature the Chicago Cubs. Among the plethora of Cubs watches there are different styles such as general manager, president, retro, agent, and a heart-shaped watch for the lady Cubs fans.

Though, the watch that deserves the most publicity is the schedule watch. The schedule watch is the answer for all the Cubs fans who struggle to find out when the Cubs game starts. The watch is pre-programmed with the Cubs schedule, and the National Anthem plays at the start-time of each game. There is also a scroll option on the watch that allows you to view upcoming games, start times, and locations.

This is your chance to look like a general manager, president, or MVP. Or better yet, this is your chance to be the Cubs fan that knows when each and every game starts. So, head over to Fan-Watches to find the watch that best suits you.