Could Changes Soon Be Coming At Wrigley Field?


Lately, it seems like every other post is on the job status of general manager Jim Hendry. This will be no different. Though, unlike the overwhelming negativity that results from the Hendry related posts, this one will be reason for optimism. With the Cubs freshly off an 8 game losing streak, the call for changes have been louder than ever. Sooner or later Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts will have to answer that call. According to Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune, the changes could be coming sooner rather than later.

In fact, Rogers suggests that Ricketts may decide to fire Hendry prior to the trading deadline in July. Rogers also throws out the possibility that Crane Kenney could also be fired in that time span. Rogers likens the current situation to when Lou Piniella opted to retire during the season last year. The outcry for a managerial change last season is similar to this season with fans calling for Hendry’s job. However, the outcry from fans this season has Rogers believing that Hendry’s days as general manager may be dwindling down.

Never in the history of baseball have the fans forced a general manager to be fired, but Rogers may be on to something here. As we all know, Ricketts is a business man more than he is a baseball fan. As a business man, Ricketts should know that the key to success is to have faithful customers who support said business. Right now if the Cubs were a business, that business would probably be closed within the coming days. Leaving the only option for a wise business man to be to satisfy the customers desires. In this case, the Cubs fans are the customers. And their desire is that Hendry be fired. If Ricketts does not satisfy the fans desires, then he would be at risk of losing the fans’ faith in him.

But just because Hendry should be fired, does not mean he should be fired during the season. It is rare that a general manager change during the seasons translates into success. But with the recent turnaround of the Arizona Diamondbacks, firing general manager Josh Byrnes during last season, many suggest that the Cubs follow suit and fire Hendrybefore the trade deadline. That is both a good and bad idea. Good because Hendry may not have the long term interest in mind when making trades, which would jeopardize the future for the Cubs. But bad because the new general manager may not know what he has in regards to the Cubs roster.

Because it is the Chicago Cubs and the fact that they could have an additional $50MM coming off the books this winter, there is bound to be interest in the Cubs general manager position. The big names in Ned Colletti and Brian Cashman have been rumored as possible successors to Hendry. Both are currently engaged with their respective teams–the Dodgers and Yankees. However, those two may be on the way out of their organizations. If that is the case, then those two would likely be at the top of the list of replacements to Hendry. Their is a chance that the Cubs could fill the position from within the organization. Though, all indications have been that the Cubs will fill the position from outside the organization.

The day will come where Hendry is relieved of his general managerial duties. Hopefully that day comes sooner rather than later.