Is Quade Already Losing Control?


As we will soon find out in Joe’s game recap, the Cubs had another embarrassing showing tonight against the Cincinnati Reds. The Cubs allowed 7 runs in the sixth inning of tonight’s game and they went on to lose the game 7 to 4. But the fireworks that went off after the game were much more entertaining than anything the Cubs have put on the field at any point this season.

There has been in an increased amount of criticism on manager Mike Quade over the past couple of weeks. Rightfully so. Between Quade’s stubbornness to remain with James Russell as the fifth starter, inability to come up with a consistent lineup, and lack of playing time for Tyler Colvin there are vital reasons why many fans are starting to wonder if Quade is the right man for the job.  But after another inexcusable loss, Quade seemed to let loose and went into a “tirade” about how the Cubs have been playing.

After some reports had Quade ripping the Cubs in a closed door meeting, Quade took the media with his frustrations. “That was embarrassing and that [bleep] has to stop,” Quade said in reference to the way the Cubs loss against the Reds. However Quade was far from done as he went on to say, “nothing is [bleeping] easy up here. We are Not good enough to coast at all in any aspect of the game.” Quade also put blame on himself when he said, “Myself included? Abso-freaking-lutely. We all need to get better.”

The ranting did not stop with just Quade, Marlon Byrd and Carlos Zambrano also had remarks about how the team has been performing. Unlike what he would have done in the past, Zambrano put the blame on his himself when he said that it was his fault and that he needs to get better. Meanwhile Byrd told reporters that “enough is enough. You can only watch that for so long. We have to start doing better and I start with myself.”

This is not an encouraging sign for the Chicago Cubs. This may just be paranoia on my part, but anyone else have that same feeling that they did during the last few months of Lou Piniella’s tenure with the Cubs. For whatever reason, it seems that Quade does not have control over the team. It could be because this is Quade’s first actual season as manager of the Cubs. But that does not seem to be the case.

To be honest, I think the players may be losing trust in Quade’s managerial skills. Because lets be honest, Quade has been given a free ride by the media in the first part of this season. Quade’s decision to leave James Russell in the starting rotation for as long as he did has cost the Cubs at least 3 games right there.

Not to mention he is not living up to his own expectations. The lineup is something that will always be looked upon no matter who the manager is. If Piniella got criticized for his lineup, then there should be no reason why the media doesn’t criticize Quade as well. It is impossible for anyone to name the lineup on a given day, as Quade has not really gone with one particular lineup for more than two games in the row. How is that going to benefit the players, if they are constantly moved around? It’s not.

I hate to say this because of how early it is, but, Mike Quade may already be on the verge of losing control of this team. Which is not an encouraging sign when the Cubs are only in the second month of the season.