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On McNutt

By Editorial Staff

John Sickles of has a good article comparing Chris Archer with Trey McNutt. It’s an excellent read, though I have to say that I think Sickles understates just how fast McNutt rose through the system. For that reason alone I think I would give the nod to McNutt. His very good control is another great reason, and that’s not taking anything away from Archer. Both are excellent prospects. Sickles projects them both as number two starters in the majors.

Trey McNutt will be in the major league half of camp for the first part of spring, but I don’t expect him to make the major league roster this fast. He probably needs a full season in the high minors. By the start of 2012, however, he could be poised to break into Wrigley. I do look forward to seeing what major league hitters do with his fastball this spring. If he can continue to locate it, the answer should be ‘not much.’

It is possible that, like Archer, McNutt gets traded. It would take a remarkable deal to pry McNutt away from the Cubs, but the Cubs have a remarkable long term hole at first base and an equally remarkable lack of production from their offense (in 2010, anyway). For five or more years of a top five, gold glove calibre first baseman, I might be tempted to include McNutt in the package. A trade would really surprise me, but it certainly isn’t impossible.