Garza: “I’m Just Happy To Be Part Of This Long Tradition”


With the Matt Garza trade becoming official yesterday, Garza was given the opportunity to talk to the Chicago media about the trade. Throughout his time in Tampa Bay, Garza has earned a reputation of being a stereotypical clubhouse clown, which should fit right in with what is an already comedic Cubs roster. ESPN Chicago’s Bruce Levine provides us with more of what Garza had to say about being traded to the Chicago Cubs.

"“I’m just happy to be a part of this long tradition,” Garza said. “I’ll just try to get this thing turned around in a good direction. We’ve got a lot of the pieces to the puzzle right there in Chicago, ready to do it.”Garza has a long tradition of having a pregame meal of Popeye’s chicken before his starts.“I found one near the park, Garza said.Asked if he had any other superstitions, Garza said, “Nothing huge, nothing out of the ordinary. I’ll just be myself and get ready to toe it up. That’s me. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?”"

It is nice to know that Garza will like Chicago, considering his pregame meal is provided by Popeye’s. I’d imagine he was happy to find out that their is essentially a Popeye’s right down the street from Wrigley Field.

All things considered, it appears that Garza is very friendly with the Chicago media. Which obviously will be a good thing, considering that in the past players – our good friend Milton- have unfairly criticized the media as a reason as to why they did not succeed with the Chicago Cubs. This should also put an end to the talk that Garza has temper issues, as from all that I have heard he is a great teammate and well liked around the Major League.

A formal introduction of Matt Garza will be on Friday.