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Poll Of The Week: Tom Ricketts Approval Rating


This is the inaugural post of our new feature on Cubbies Crib, which if you could not tell from the title, will be a weekly poll question. The topic this week is the approval rating of Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts.

When the Ricketts family first took over the Chicago Cubs they were met with overwhelming optimism from Cubs fans. In their opening press conference, Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts said that the primary goal for the Chicago Cubs was winning each and every year.

After a year under the Ricketts regime it is beginning to look like Ricketts will operate under a “hands off” control when it comes to baseball operations. Ricketts has put all his trust in Jim Hendry, and told Hendry that he would be supported no matter what he does. This was evident when the Chicago Cubs were in the process of hiring their next manager. The belief was that Ricketts wanted to give the job to Ryne Sandberg, and Hendry wanted Mike Quade to remain the manager. As we know, Ricketts gave into Hendry’s request and hired Quade as the Cubs manager.

Frustration among fans is beginning to grow towards the Ricketts ownership. Most fans feel like Tom Ricketts has no clue how to run a baseball team, and don’t like the business style approach he has shown since becoming the Chairman of the Cubs. It is beginning to look obvious now, that Mark Cuban was the best candidate to become the Chicago Cubs owner. Say what you want about him as a person, but you have to admit that he is committed to winning. Which is the type of mentality that the Cubs needed out of their next owner. While Ricketts said that their main goal is winning,  it is apparent that he is saying one thing and doing the other.

As for myself, I do would not give my vote of approval to Tom Ricketts as the Chicago Cubs owner for the reasons that I stated above. Now, what are your feelings about Ricketts?