Cubs Will Remain In Mesa


Whether you voted, did not vote; you are a republican, or you are a democrat the Election Tuesday should have affected in some way. The Chicago Cubs certainly had their impact on Election Tuesday, as citizens of Mesa, Arizona voted on Mesa Proposition 420. The bill was designed to keep the Chicago Cubs in Mesa, Arizona for Spring Training.

Today we have reason to celebrate, as approximately 63% of the ballots supported the Mesa Proposition 420. Meaning the Chicago Cubs will remain in Mesa, Arizona for Spring Training, and will have a new facility ready by the 2013 Spring Training season. As part of the proposition, Mesa will provide up to $99MM for the new Cubs complex.

Chicago Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts has spent recent weeks in Arizona trying to rally support for the bill. Ricketts was joined by Cubs legends Ernie Banks and Ron Santo in supporting the passing of the Mesa Proposition 420. Here is what Ricketts had to say, after he learned that voters passed the proposition.

"“In a show of tremendous support in a particularly difficult economy, Mesa voters recognized the potential of partnering with the Chicago Cubs on an economic investment and future we can, together, create for the city,” Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts said in a statement. “Our public-private partnership means jobs for Mesa, tourism dollars for the city and the region, and will drive private investment in Mesa and in the development of Wrigleyville West.” ESPN CHICAGO"

The Chicago Cubs have always been the most popular team out of all the Cactus League teams. Which is why there was so much support to keep the Cubs in Mesa, from the Citizens of Mesa, Arizona.