Game Day and Fan Perspective Contributing Writer: Joe Han


I wanted to introduce myself as the new writer for that will be responsible for providing our readers and fellow Cub fans pre and post game analysis on a daily basis during the season. I will also be providing the voice of a fan on the news that will revolve around our Cubs during the off season and throughout the year. I hate the stereotype Cubs fans get as being unknowledgeable followers who use Wrigley Field as a glorified beer garden, and my goal is to provide baseball savvy viewpoints that the hardcore Cub fans that follow CubbiesCrib can enjoy and interact with me on.

I have grown up following the Cubs religiously and to this day, none of the other sports teams in this great city have been able to get a hold of my heart and love that I have reserved for the Cubs. I grew up idolizing Ryne Sandberg and hearing Harry Caray broadcast Cubs games through the ‘90s made him like a third grandpa to me. In short, the movie Fever Pitch would be an accurate retelling of my life, with the exception of course being that we are still waiting for our boys to bring home the World Series title in the not too distant future.

While the offseason is officially on hold until the World Series is over, I will be providing recaps of each World Series game starting with Game 2 on Thursday (our lead writer Jordan will be recapping Game 1 for us). I look forward to interacting with fellow Cub fans on CubbiesCrib and working with Jordan and Luke to get you the latest news and views that you crave as you keep up with your favorite team, the Chicago Cubs.