Ryne Sandberg Will Not Be A Bench Coach


In a matter of minutes the Chicago Cubs blogosphere was running rampant with news from Will Carroll, that said that the Chicago Cubs would name Mike Quade as their manager and Ryne Sandberg as his bench coach next week. But as we are getting later into the night, it appears that Carroll may have jumped the gun on reporting the story. While, it probably will end up that Mike Quade will be the next Chicago Cubs manager, it remains highly unlikely that Ryne Sandberg would become Quade’s bench coach.

Such a move would not make sense for any of the parties involved. To begin with Mike Quade, why would he want to have someone who is a favorite among Cubs fans and front office officials on his coaching staff. That would just open up the opportunity for Quade to be under pressure of getting results or being afraid that he may eventually lose his job to someone that is on his own coaching staff.

As for Ryne Sandberg, I do not think he would want to be the Chicago Cubs bench coach anyways. Because, if Sandberg spent the past four seasons in the farm system as a manager leading up to the day where he would become Cubs manager, then he would not want to settle for being a bench coach for someone he lost the job too.

As for the Chicago Cubs, they would not be putting Quade in the best chance to succeed and perform well with this coaching staff. Because while the Cubs may consider a pairing of Quade and Sandberg the ultimate pair, I fail to see how the two can successfully work together. For what it’s worth, I have heard that if Quade is hired as the manager, he would possibly bring in former Athletics and Brewers manager Ken Macha as his bench coach.

While earlier it appeared that we finally had clarity on who would be the next Chicago Cubs manager, it appears that we are in the same position we were in when the day first started. The Cubs have not named a new manager nor bench coach, and probably won’t for the next week or so.