The Crib Is Rockin Again; Site Info


First, I would like to apologize to you, the readers, for my short but abrupt outage of posts from this website over the past week. I was on a family vacation on a Cruise, and was unable to have the connection nor time to update the site. However, things all finally back to normal and articles will be flowing out at a daily pace for the foreseeable future.

Before we digest into the latest on the Cubs, I want to take this time to go over some site information that goes in hand with the entire FanSided Network.

Web hosting can be a hassle. There’s no way to precisely project
incoming traffic, for starters. Also, if your server gets rocked by an
influx of traffic or is for some reason experiencing technical
difficulties, you want someone you can get in touch with no matter the
time of day. Easier said than done, because even in the age of cell
phones, texting, Twitter and Facebook, it can be hard to track down
family and friends, let alone the help at your hosting company.

Fortunately, we here at FanSided haven’t had those problems since we started working with exclusively with the good folks at
. In fact, we were almost growing faster than we could keep up with and experiencing some server issues as a result — until they stepped in.

Nowadays, we never have any significant issues with our server at all and the Site5 team offers us fantastic support essentially 24/7/365. They are definitely
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Site5 has the FanSided Network stamp of approval and is our exclusive web hosting company.

Site5 was founded and 1999 and
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Thanks for taking the time out to read about the fantastic job Site5 is doing for all of us here at FanSided, and hopefully you find this information beneficial to you in some matter.