Carlos Zambrano Back To The Rotation


Carlos Zambrano’s ever changing role for the Chicago Cubs has changed once again. Originally, Zambrano was the opening day starter for the Chicago Cubs then he was moved to Bullpen only to be moved back to rotation two months later. After throwing out of the bullpen for a week, since he has returned from the restricted list, he is scheduled to go back into the starting rotation. As manager Lou Piniella announced today that Zambrano will be back in the rotation, starting next Monday when the Cubs are in San Francisco.

The Cubs have now filled the two openings in their rotation, after the trade of Ted Lilly, and Carlos Silva going on the disabled list. It is unclear what the plan is for when Silva comes back.

If the Chicago Cubs intend to trade Carlos Zambrano this off-season, putting him in the rotation is best option to lead to a trade. By being in the rotation, Zambrano has the chance to bolster his trade value, which is something the Cubs need him to do.

Here are Zambrano’s comments on the move back to the rotation…

"“I’ve been in this game for nine years,” Zambrano said. “For seven years, I’ve been doing a good job and the last few years unfortunately I haven’t. But it’s not [too] late. It’s not [too] late. We still have two months to go to try to finish over .500.”"

"“Sometimes you don’t know what you have until you lose it,” Zambrano said of starting again. “I don’t want to lose this opportunity. I just want to take advantage [of it] be prepared and be ready for the last two months.” ESPN CHICAGO"

Now is it just me, or have we heard similar statement like this before from Zambrano. I’m tired of Zambrano saying this time I will take advantage of the opportunity to start games. Enough talking, and actually get it done on the field. While Zambrano is not the only reason why the Cubs are an embarrassment this year, he certainly is a major one.