Cubs Trade Lilly, Theriot To The Dodgers For DeWitt


The long rumored trade of Ted Lilly to the Los Angeles Dodgers has finally come to fruition. Except for it ended up having the Chicago Cubs trade starting pitcher Ted Lilly, and second baseman Ryan Theriot to the Los Angeles Dodgers for second baseman Blake DeWitt, and two pitching prospects.

Ever since the Chicago Cubs season has spiraled around control, it was evident that it was only a matter of time before the Cubs utilize their best trading chip in Ted Lilly. Since signing a 4 year deal back in 2007 with the Cubs, Lilly has been the best starter in the Cubs rotation. Lilly one a combined 47 games for the Chicago Cubs over the past 4 years, against 35 losses. He also had an ERA of below 4 in 3 of the his 4 seasons with the Chicago Cubs.

Here is what Lilly had to say about the trade…

"“I think I’m going to a really good place and to a team that has aspirations of winning the World Series and that’s a fortunate thing for me to be a part of,” Lilly said.“It’s not something I’m overly excited about,” Lilly said. “I’m going to miss a lot. But when I go over there and I put a Dodgers uniform on and I meet my new teammates and start competing with them, I’ll really enjoy it.” MUSKAT RAMBLINGS"

As for Ryan Theriot, it is fair to suggest that may not be leaving the Cubs on good terms. For whatever reason, Ryan Theriot quickly fell out of favor this season within the Chicago Cubs front office. Paul Sullivan suggested the arbitration hearing between the Cubs and Theriot before the season, could have been the pre-cursor to his departure from the team. The Cubs were upset with Theriot and unwillingness to avoid the process. As the season went on, the Cubs also grew increasingly upset with the poor on base percentage, the bad fielding, and the base running gaffes.

The Chicago Cubs should be thrilled with having Blake DeWitt as their second baseman instead of Ryan Theriot. For one, DeWitt is a much better fielder than Theriot and also is younger, and cheaper. At the age of 24, DeWitt is under team control through the 2014 season.  Offensively the two are similar as DeWitt is hitting .270/.352/.371 and Theriot is hitting .284/.320/.327. It is important to note that DeWitt’s on base percentage is 32 points higher than Theriot, and DeWitt is slugging 43 points better than Theriot.

Blake DeWitt will take over as the Cubs starting second baseman, and presumably will be for at least the next couple of seasons. He will join the Cubs tomorrow in Colorado.

Look for the Cubs to call up Thomas Diamond to replace Ted Lilly in the rotation. The trade opens up a spot on the Cubs 25 man roster, and Diamond was pulled after the fourth inning on Thursday. This year, Diamond has a 5-4 record for the Iowa Cubs and an ERA of 3.16. He was the 2004 first round pick of the Texas Rangers.

The Cubs also received minor league pitchers Kyle Smit, and Brett Wallach from the Dodgers.