The Cubs Should Trade Carlos Silva


While Ted Lilly is the hot commodity for the Chicago Cubs right now, I think Carlos Silva may attract even more interest if he is made available by the Chicago Cubs. At this point, one could argue that Silva has the better value than Lilly this season. Carlos Silva is 9-3 this season with an ERA of 3.45. Whereas Ted Lilly 3-8 with a 4.08 ERA. Also with Silva being more of a ground ball pitcher, and the less amount of home runs given up this year, he would attract to a lot of contending teams.

The biggest reason that the Cubs should try to trade Silva, is the sole fact that he is owed  up to $23.5MM over the next two seasons, the last of which is an option year. The Cubs would benefit more from moving Silva, and his remaining salary instead of keeping the resurgent pitcher. Not to mention, the Money saved would go to helping the Cubs this off-season through way of free agency and trades.

Carlos Silva’s trade value is probably at the highest it is ever going to be. Personally, I’m still skeptical that he will be able to continue the way that he has pitched for the rest of the season. Which is another reason of why the Chicago Cubs should trade him. Given that Silva is under contract for one possibly two more years, that may entice a team to give up a little bit more than they typically would for a rental player.

However, up to this point, sources have insisted that Carlos Silva has not been made available by the Chicago Cubs. I still think,though, that the Cubs would be willing to listen to offers.