Ted Lilly To The Mets Gaining Steam


Now that the prized piece on the trade market is gone, as Mariners Starting Pitcher Cliff Lee was traded to the Texas Rangers today, the market for Cubs lefty Ted Lilly should start to intensify over the next couple of weeks. As of now, all signs are pointing to Ted Lilly being traded to the New York Mets. However, the Cubs are going to have to hope that they can get a deal done as soon as possible, in order to maximize their return, and don’t get affected by Ted Lilly’s trade value as he has not pitching up to par for the past month.

People within the Cubs organization are reluctant to trade Ted Lilly, as some want Lilly to remain with the Cubs for not only this season, but next as well. But, seeing as Ted Lilly is a free agent after the season; The Cubs are hoping to be able to trade Lilly now, and then bring him back in the off-season. Which, I must say is a very good baseball move to make. Because, the Cubs would be getting young pieces in the trade of Lilly, and then bring back Lilly, who has been the best pitcher for the Cubs over the past three seasons.

The Cubs are going to get a quality return for Ted Lilly in any trade. However, I have seen some outrageous rumors of the Cubs getting Mets first baseman and potential rookie of the year Ike Davis. Whoever believes that needs to stop reading that nonsense. The Mets would not trade Ike Davis for Cliff, so why on earth would they trade for him Ted Lilly.Ted Lilly is going to net the Cubs two to three above average prospects, or major league ready players. But, I find it hard to believe that any team is going to give up their top prospect for Ted Lilly, I just do not see that happening.

As far as the ramifications it would bring to this year’s team, it is likely that a Lilly trade would open up a spot for another young prospect on the team. The Cubs have two good pitching prospects in triple A-Iowa, and they are Jay Jackson and Thomas Diamond. I would consider it likely that one of these two would fill Lilly’s spot if he is traded.