Ted Lilly Could Be Shopped


As the Cubs season continues on a downward spiral, we may start to see the Cubs determine that they are sellers and start shopping some players that were key to their success in 2007 and 2008.  Ted Lilly, could be one of those players that become available through the trade market. As the Cubs tribune beat reporter Paul Sullivan told Mully and Hanley of 670 the score, that it is possible the Cubs may shop Lilly closer towards the trading deadline.

As Sullivan points out, the Cubs have to decide whether or not they want to try and re-sign Lilly, who becomes a free agent after this season. If that decision is no, then they should try and get something for him instead of just letting him walk. And given that Ted Lilly is top of the rotation starting pitcher, the Cubs would likely be able to get a hefty exchange for the former All Star pitcher.

On the season, Lilly has fallen victim of lack of run support as his record is at a misleading 1-5 as he still has a respectable ERA of 3.28. In fact in all 5 loses, Lilly has had a quality start, one of the few pitchers that has happened to.

Among teams that would be interested in Lilly could potentially be the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, Florida Marlins, Washington Nationals, and Texas Rangers. Given that Lilly has made a name for himself as a quality left handed starter, the Cubs would have no problem in receiving top level prospects or even major league ready players for Lilly.

By moving Lilly, it may also open up a rotation spot for top prospect Jay Jackson, who is currently in triple A- Iowa. Many expect Jackson to be with the Cubs either during this season or by next season, and he does appear to be ready to join the major league team. In 15 appearances (8 starts) with Iowa, Jackson is 3-4  with a 2.79 ERA to go along with 42 strikeouts. He also is averaging just under 2 walks per nine innings.

Whether or not the Cubs move Lilly, a youth movement may be imminent for this team.