Tom Gorzelanny Drawing Lots of Interest


The Cubs could have one of the hottest trade commodities leading up to the trading deadline, and that player could be pitcher Tom Gorzelanny. As, Gordon Wittenmyer writes that while the Cubs have no immediate plans to trade the starter turned reliever, plenty of teams have already called the Cubs checking on Gorzelanny’s availability. It is likely that the Cubs will use Gorzelanny towards the trade deadline as a piece to help the fill one of their needs.

To be honest, I think both sides would benefit from a trade, the Cubs, given the high amount of interest, would be able to receive a pretty good exchange for him, and Gorzelanny would be able to move back into a starter’s role, where he wants to be. And, since the move to the bullpen, Gorzelanny has not been all to happy about it.

"”Obviously, I want to start,” he said, ”but I want to be a part of this team as well. If going somewhere else to start is what they want me to do, or they feel they can get something for me, and I have a chance to go start, then that’s what’ll happen. But I haven’t really thought about it.”I don’t have a say in it,” said Gorzelanny, who made his first appearance in his new relief role Friday night and struggled with the adjustment. ”This is where I’m at. I haven’t spoken to anybody about anything. I just try to come here and do my job and see what happens.””I’m a starter, and that’s what I’ve been and what I want to continue to be,” he said. ”Obviously, it goes a lot deeper here with me, being in Chicago, and this being a desired place for me. But whatever plan I have drawn out for me is the way I go.” CHICAGO SUN TIMES"

As far as what the Cubs would look to get in exchange for Gorzelanny, it still would be considered to be determined. If you were to ask me a couple weeks ago what their need was, I would without a question say a set-up man. But, Andrew Cashner since being called up has looked really impressive, and will soon find himself as the set-up man in the bullpen along with Sean Marshall.

I personally, would like the Cubs to acquire some offensive help in a trade, but, realistically I have a hard time finding a place where the Cubs could upgrade offensively. Obviously, that may all change if any injuries were to occur. If Derrek Lee and Aramis Ramirez both continue to struggle I would say the Cubs should look for either a third baseman or a first baseman, or at least someone you can platoon with them. Because, I have a hard time believing that the Cubs would simply just replace either Lee or Ramirez in a trade.

As the trading deadline gets close, I’m sure we will be able to determine what if any the Cubs needs are. It is also possible that the Cubs become sellers and may simply ship off guys like Gorzelanny for quality prospects in an effort to get better for the future.