Big Z acting like the Incredible Hulk…Again


If you were to compare superheroes to people in today’s society, Carlos Zambrano would almost certainly compare favorably to the likings of the Incredible Hulk. Because, think about it The Hulk potentially is an elite superhero, but is held back due to his erratic behavior and actions. Much like Carlos Zambrano, who has the potential to be an elite pitcher, but unfortunately has yet to reach that potential due to his erratic behavior and actions.

And, it looks like the “Incredible Hulk” side of Carlos Zambrano is showing again.

"Zambrano snatched the ball angrily when thrown back to him after the hit and didn’t look at Piniella as he left the field. He was unavailable after the game.”I wanted Zambrano to basically, hopefully, get the last outs in the eighth inning,” Piniella said.How much longer Zambrano will be asked to stay in the setup role might depend on whether a good late-inning guy becomes available. But for now, they like the results since the switch — whatever Zambrano’s thoughts might be. CHICAGO SUN TIMES"

The bottom line is this, the longer the Cubs keep Carlos Zambrano in the bullpen, the more he is going to become upset with the Cubs organization. And, that may eventually lead to a willingness on Carlos Zambrano’s part to waive his no trade clause, if it means him returning to rotation, even if that means albeit with a different team.

From a pure speculative standpoint, teams I see maybe interested in Zambrano would be the Dodgers, Yankees, Red Sox, and possibly Angels. But, there is one concerning factor about all of this, and that is that many executives around baseball feel that Zambrano will never be a true top of the rotation pitcher. And, with that being said, that will hurt his value and the Cubs expectations of what to get back for him.

So, the only thing for the Cubs and Carlos Zambrano to do right now is play nice, and whenever you are talking about Carlos Zambrano that could be a hard task.