The Crib Gets Renovated


For those of you who have come to visit Cubbies Crib over the past couple of day, you have seen this wonderful new design that Fan Sided has given to all their websites. So, to get you all accustomed with the new look, I’m going to give you a few points to look for on the design.

  • We now have a “drop-in” feature on all of our pages that are on the website ( Home, About, News, and Roster). For example, when you roll you mouse over the “roster” section you will see two additional pages on it, one being for the depth chart, and the other being the disabled list. I’m working on a third section for it which will be “meet the coaches”, where I will give a short little description about the coaches on the Cubs staff.
  • Also, we now have a “team tweets” section on that front page. You will see tweets that I have made, or other Cubs related tweets. Right now, is just tweets from the rest of the MLB fan sided team, it soon will transition to all Cubs.
  • Under the “Fansided Network” section on the front page, there are links to the fan sided home page, and our general MLB site “Call to the Pen”. For those who might not have known, I also do some work on the Call to the pen site. Every Sunday, I post a transaction report where I go over and analyze every transaction that was made over the past week.
  • Also we Now have the polls showing on the front page, instead of just in one post. This makes it easier for readers to access the polls, and vote.
  • And on top of the site, you see three widgets, one for the RSS feed of Cubbies Crib. The Next one is a facebook widget for Cubbies Crib, that will take you to the facebook page for Cubbies Crib. And the last widget will take you to the twitter feed for Cubbies Crib.

Finally, Just want to send a big thanks to Adam and Zach Best, who were the masterminds behind this redesign. And, in General they do a lot to make sure that our sites are running at full capacity. Also, last but certainly not least, a Thanks to Wally Fish, who is the MLB director for Fan Sided, and he does a great job promoting our sites, and coming up with idea to improve them.

Hope you like the changes, as much as I do!