Cubs, Nationals Discussed Kosuke Fukudome Trade?


We usually don’t here much rumors to begin the season, but that does not appear to be the case this year. As MASN sports writer Ben Goessling is reporting that the Cubs and Nationals have had discussions about a trade that would send right fielder Kosuke Fukudome to the Nationals.

We have heard whispers throughout the offseason that the Cubs might be willing to shop Kosuke if they find the right deal, as so far Kosuke has not lived up to the expectations he was originally given since first coming to Chicago.

Any hold up in a trade involving Kosuke Fukudome would be the remaining money he is owed, which is $26.5MM over the next two years. And the Cubs would have to eat a good amount of that, in order to get a deal done. Fukudome also holds limited no trade rights.

The Cubs could probably come away with a couple major league ready players, if they were to trade Kosuke to the Nationals. You have to think that they may want National shortstop Cristian Guzman as part of a possible trade, as he would give the Cubs a solid leadoff hitter, and you can move him to second base.

But, I would not be expecting a trade to happen anytime soon involving Kosuke Fukudome.  Because for one, it was fairly evident with the whole Milton Bradley situation, that the Cubs never want to eat money in a trade, and that will likely be same line of thought with Kosuke.

Another reason why the Cubs probably won’t trade Fukudome anytime soon, is because they have no one else to start in right field. If Xavier Nady was healthy, it would be a different story, but Nady will not be ready to start everyday till at least June. And I know some fans are pleading for Tyler Colvin to start, but in all reality it was only Spring Training. Sure, Colvin put up impressive numbers this spring, but lets see how he does in the regular season before we just anoint him as the starter.

However, lets say that around the trade deadline, when Nady should be fully healed and Colvin could be potentially producing off the bench,  then you might see a Kosuke Fukudome trade. But, until then it just seems very unrealistic.