Tuesday Morning Links


Let’s Start Tuesday off with some links from around the web

  • Hot Stove Cubbies had an interesting read yesterday, where it was suggested that the Cubs are shopping Kosuke Fukudome, do to the recent “emergence” of Tyler Colvin. But there are a few reasons why I don’t think this is a reality. For one, it is only spring training and just because Colvin is having a good spring training does not mean that he is going to do the same once the season starts. Just examine Colvin’s numbers more closely than just his average and power numbers. You will find that Colvin does not have any walks this spring, and if he is not getting on base through hits, he is not getting on base at all. And as of right now, sources are saying that the Cubs are not shopping Kosuke Fukudome, and have no intention to do so.
  • Speaking of Colvin,  HotStove.com wonders whether or not the Cubs rushed Tyler Colvin to big leagues before he is ready. History is on their side as that was the case with recent top prospects like Felix Pie, and Corey Patterson.
  • Ted Lilly is on pace to return April 19th when the Cubs go to Citi field to face the Mets. Lilly will likely get four minor league starts before that date,  in where he will have a pitch limit of 90.
  • The Cubs are expected to announce their 25 man roster today in where we will find out who made the team between Kevin Millar, and Chad Tracy. Micah Hoffpauir, Sam Fuld, and catcher Chris Robinson will all start the year in triple A Iowa.  Despite not making the team, the Cubs were very impressed with catcher Chris Robinson, and if an injury occurs to Soto, or Hill you can expect Robinson to get the call up.
  • Whoever does not make the team between Millar and Tracy, will likely be released and gain interest from the Texas Rangers, who are looking for a backup first baseman.
  • We here at Fansided have launched our MLB Site, called Call to the Pen. In where you will be able find new and unique articles everyday involving all the latest MLB happenings, as well as information on prospects. I am one of the contributors on that site, as I will be the National League Transactions reporter.