Angel Guzman facing “Career-Ending” Injury


The Cubs finally got back the MRI results on Angel Guzman’s right shoulder, and the news is not good at all. Angel Guzman has a significant ligament tear in the front and bottom part of his shoulder.

At the age of 28, Angel Guzman’s career could possibly be over,  as he could opt to have “career-threatening” surgery. In the past, it has shown that pitchers who try to come back from this type of surgery, rarely are successful  and usually try to avoid taking the surgery.

If Guzman opts against the surgery, then it would take about 2 months to even determine if he is capable of pitching again. It is believed that the injury to the right shoulder that ended Guzman’s season last year in September, is related to the one today. Guzman has not made up his mind on whether or not he wants to have the surgery.

Either way, it looks like Angel Guzman’s season is over.

Here is what General Manager Jim Hendry had to say about the troubling news…

"“He’s had such a history of (injuries),” general manager Jim Hendry said. “It’s just a shame. Your heart goes out to him. At one time, this kid was as good a prospect as (Carlos Zambrano). It just seems like one thing after another.” CHICAGO TRIBUNE"

Guzman was expected to be the Cubs primary set-up man in the bullpen this year, but in light of the injury that duty is now put upon the shoulders of Esmailin Caridad. The Cubs are still looking for a reliever, but as of right now nothing is imminent.