Cubs Showing “Heavy” interest in Another Cuban Prospect


According to a tweet from ESPN’s Jose Arangure the Cubs are showing “heavy” interest in prized cuban shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria, who was unblocked by the office of Foreign Assets Control, which now allows him to sign anywhere. The Yankee were also the other team be described as having “heavy” interest in Hechavarria.

But, here are a few reasons why I don’t see the Cubs signing Hechavarria. For one, he is expected to get a deal worth more than what other Cuban short stop Jose Iglesias got from the Red Sox earlier this winter, which was $8.2 million dollars. And the Cubs are thought to be “maxed out” when it comes to adding free agents. Unless, they put it toward their minor league payroll, which would make sense.

Another reason I question the seriousness of the Cubs interest, is because where would they put him. They already have a prized and highly touted 19 year old shortstop in Starlin Castro, so he won’t be able to play short stop for the Cubs. They may want to move him to 2B, which would then make sense, and give the Cubs a very bright future between Castro at short, and Hechevarria at second.

But, it has been reported throughout various major league sources that the Yankees have a more intact plan for Hechevarria, as they want to sign him to be the heir to Derek Jeter at short stop.

However, many scouts have been raving about his talent and athleticism, as many believe that if he were to be in a draft type situation, he would undoubtedly be a first round pick. He is considered to be a great fielder, with good hands and an even better range.  At the plate he is thought to be more of a line drive hitter, but still has good speed.

If it were up to me, I would sign him instantly. Because you can never have enough prized prospects in your minor league players. And all of the scouting reports I’ve seen suggest that he is going to be a very good player, who could play shortstop, second base, or the outfield.