Cubs Spring Training Day 6: “Fonzi” Arrives


Happy Days are here again, as the “Fonz” reported to Camp today. No, not Henry Winkler, Alfonso Soriano reported to camp today looking to test his knee after coming off knee surgery.

"“I don’t feel 100 percent because I’m not running 100 percent,” Soriano said on Monday. “I’m just running 75 to 80 percent, and I don’t feel nothing that hurts. When I start running 100 percent I want to know how it feels.” ESPN CHICAGO"

However, it was difficult for reporters to differentiate on what Soriano meant by those comments, meaning has he not gone beyond running at 80% or is his knee not fully recovered. Nonetheless, he is expected to be ready for opening day.

Alfonso Soriano also talked about the addition of Marlon Byrd, and the subtraction of Milton Bradley, whom he did not get along with.

"“He’s a totally different guy than Milton,” he said. “He’s a nice guy. Milton is a nice guy, too, but everyone knows what kind of problems he’s got. I’m very excited we’ve got Marlon Byrd.” CHICAGO TRIBUNE"

Other Notes From Camp…

Now that the Cubs have lost out on reliever Chan Ho Park, who signed with the Yankees despite being offered the chance to start with the Cubs, look for them to stay with the young guys that they have in camp to fill in the bullpen as the late inning reliever. The early favorite appears to be Esmailin Caridad, with Jeff Stevens and Justin Berg not too far behind.

And it appears that Kevin Millar, is starting to become the “Designated Derosa” this year for the Cubs. Millar has made quick friends on the Cubs and it appears that he is on his way to notching a spot on the 25 man roster, as a pinch hitter and backup first basemen and third basemen.

Lou Piniella is impressed with Josh Vitters, and Brett Jackson as he likes what he has seen from them during their batting sessions. Vitters, and Jackson were both first round picks for the Cubs.

Derrek Lee, Starlin Castro, and Aramis Ramirez are all expected to report to camp tomorrow as the Cubs hold their first team workout of the year. Look for their to be a lot of attention from the media on 19 year old Starlin Castro, who has been hyped as the next big thing for the Cubs.