Friday Fun: Chicago Sports Scene


For this week in Friday Fun, I am going to go into the Chicago sports scene, more specifically another Chicago team that I love which is the Chicago Bulls.

The Bulls currently stand at 23-25 which is good for the eighth and final playoff spot in the eastern conference. However it is likely that in two weeks the Bulls may have a new look to their team.

I say two weeks because that is when the trade deadline is, and the Bulls are trying to move the contracts of Kirk Hinrich or John Salmons. By doing this it would shape the Bulls up to be able to afford two of the big name free agents that will be on the market after this year. Those free agents are Chris Bosh, Joe Johnson, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Amare Stoudamire, and many more elusive free agents.

The Bulls have spent basically the last two years in anticipation of this free agent class, and they would like to add two of those big name free agents one being Chris Bosh, and the other being someone who could play the guard position and they have their sights set on Lebron James, Joe Johnson, or Dwayne Wade. Early reports suggest that the Bulls will likely go after Joe Johnson, unless Wade or James show an interest in coming to Chicago.

But as for this years trading deadline, it is a pretty safe bet that you will see Hinrich, Salmons, and/or Tyrus Thomas be traded in the next two weeks. Here are some deals that the Bulls are rumored to be considering.

"Trade Hinrich, Salmons, and Jerome James to Boston for Ray Allen, and his expiring contract. ( Appears to be the Bulls first choice)Trade Hinrich to the Lakers for Adam Morrison, and other expiring contractsTrade Salmons to Orlando for J.J. Redick and Anthony JohnsonTrade Salmons  to San Antonio for Michael Finley, and Matt BonnerTrade Salmons or Hinrich to Houston for Tracy Mcgrady and his expiring contract."

Whatever deal the Bulls decide to do, I assure you that they will get an expiring contract in return. The Bulls want to have as much Cap room as possible, so that When free agency hits they have enough money to sign one max free agent if not two.

So, of all the deals being discussed, which one would you do?