Cubs interested in Adam Kennedy


The Cubs are interested in Adam Kennedy, but as of right now he does not fit into their budget, however that may soon change.

Fellow free agent second basemen Orlando Hudson is on the verge of signing a one year deal worth $5MM with the Twins. Hudson, who was considered to be the best second basemen left on the market, now lowers the price of the remaining free agent second basemen. Which is where the Cubs come in, who now maybe able to afford Adam Kennedy on a one year deal worth around $2MM-$2.5MM.

The Cubs really could use a player like Kennedy on their team. He is an upgrade over the sub-par combination of Jeff Baker and Mike Fontenot. First Kennedy had a line of .289/.348/.410 while hitting 11 home runs and driving in 65. He also stole 20 times last year out of 26 attempts. Kennedy would probably best fit as a number 2 hitter for the Cubs, but he does give Lou Piniella another option for the leadoff spot.

I have been advocating that the Cubs go out and get a second basemen all winter, because I am not a firm believer in the combination of Jeff Baker, and Mike Fontenot. The Cubs found out last year that Fontenot was not an everyday player, and the Cubs could be on pace to find the same thing out about Jeff Baker this year.

Adding a guy like Adam Kennedy, would then probably lead to Mike Fontenot being traded, or sent to the minors. As the Cubs would not go into the season with 5 middle infielders on their roster (Theriot, Baker, Kennedy?, and Blanco). Besides it had been rumored earlier in the off-season that the Cubs really were not intending to keep Mike Fontenot for 2010.