Carlos Zambrano Is Not G@Y


Throughout the day message boards have been lighting up over a report that Carlos Zambrano is gay. Well I am here to inform that this report is not only false, but it the kind of a report that should make a blog/website loose all credibility that they have. The site that should no longer be viewed upon as a reliable site, is Bleacher Report.

And No I am not having a biased opinion on bleach report, because they are one of our rivals on the internet. The fact that they had the nerve and audacity to post something that they knew was wrong, is just appalling to me. They even went as far as too cite fake quotes from “People” Magazine.

And to show how classless the writers at Bleacher Report are, instead of writing a post that rescinded their original false and malicious report, they just deleted it, without apologizing to Carlos Zambrano, or their readers for flat out lying to them.

Carlos Zambrano is a proud father, and more importantly he is a proud Husband.