Chicago Cubs News

I Have a Mental Illness


I suffer from a strange mental illness.  I don’t know what the name of it is.  It only has one symptom:

A weird, inexplicable tendency to check the Wild Card standings every morning even though I know the Cubs have no shot.

What is it that compels me to go to ESPN’s MLB page, click on “standings” then click on “wild card?”  I don’t think it’s hope.  I don’t think it’s faith.  I think it’s just a tic.

I do it almost unconsciously.  My hand reaches for the mouse and clicks the button.  My eyes scan for the words “Chicago Cubs.”  They drift over to the “games behind” column.

Still 8 behind as of today.  Too far out to make a run.  They are ahead of the Braves now though…so there’s only 3 teams left to pass.

What kind of person thinks that way?  Outside of someone who is completely, irretrievably deranged?

Completely, irretrievably deranged.  Good definition of a Cubs fan.

Of course, as they say, it’s never over till the fat lady sings.  Teams have made miracle runs late in the season.  Sometimes, it helps to fall out of the race and lose the sense of pressure.  Then you play looser, which allow you to climb back in it.

The Cubs certainly have the starting pitching to get it done.  Now if they could just keep hitting the way they did in the Pirates series…

See what I mean?  Deranged.

Get the padded room ready.  Order up the strait-jacket.  Lay in a nice selection of pills.

I’m coming.