Chicago Cubs News

Sick of Being Teased


I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the Cubs teasing me with these occasional victories.  This team needs to either break off a 10-game winning streak to get back in the race for real, or else lose 10 in a row and have it done with.

Unfortunately, the Cubs, being a .500 team, are probably going to remain in win one/lose one mode.  So, we’ll get more performances like Tuesday night against the Astros, when solid pitching combines with timely hitting to result in victory.  And then we’ll get games like two nights ago against the same Houston squad when the Cubs fall behind early and seem to just pack it in.

This team is apparently incapable of putting together seven or eight solid performances in a row.  But, because it has good starting pitching, it is also unlikely that they will ever go into a genuine prolonged tailspin.

So this is what you get:  an encouraging victory followed by a disheartening loss followed by an encouraging victory and on and on until mathematical elimination.  Total collapse would be more entertaining, frankly.