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Lou Blows His Top, Cubs Still Lose


To hear some in the media tell it, managerial meltdowns are supposed to equal wins.  That wasn’t the case for the Cubs on Sunday however.  Lou Piniella had a good old fashioned eruption after a blown call at second, and instead of being spurred to victory, the Cubs fizzled their way to an 11-5 beatdown at the hands of the Rockies.

Perhaps we have to wait a few days for the inspiring effects of the explosion to sink in?

Actually, since all that stuff about manager blow-ups inspiring teams is a load of hooey, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

I’m fairly certain anyway that Lou didn’t go after that ump yesterday as part of some calculated effort to jack up his team.  That was an atrocious, unforgivable call.  And the way Lou fired out of the dugout, you knew he was really mad and not just getting himself wound up on purpose.

Of course, in the end, that blown call was rather insignificant.  The Cubs didn’t come close to winning.  Randy Wells got his butt kicked, and then new call-up Jeff Stevens got his kicked even worse.  Meanwhile, the offense continued getting guys on base and not knocking them in.  Honestly, Cubs – 17 hits and only 5 runs?

If you put up 17 hits in Coors Field you should score at least 10 runs.  The Rockies managed to score 11 on 14 hits – and 3 Cubs errors.

Good thing Lou did erupt, cause otherwise Cubs fans would’ve gotten no entertainment value whatsoever from that dog of a game.  The Cubbies can still salvage a series split by beating Colorado on Monday, but I’m not optimistic.