Clearly, Being a Vegetarian Doesn’t Make You Less of a Punk


Prince Fielder is in the news today for an incident that almost took place Tuesday night at Dodger Stadium, right after the Brewers got done being destroyed 17-4 by L.A.

The almost-incident saw Fielder, enraged over being beaned by a Guillermo Mota pitch in the 9th inning with the Brewers already down 13, storming toward the Dodgers clubhouse apparently meaning to throw down on Mota and whatever other members of the Dodgers wanted a piece of him.

Thankfully, a combination of teammates and security guards kept Prince from wedging his veggie-eating fat self into the Dodgers clubhouse and causing the sort of trouble that could get a guy suspended with his team still only 5 games out of first despite being in the middle of a free-fall.

Dodgers players were reportedly unaware that Fielder had come storming down the hallway toward their clubhouse, even though he was reportedly shouting obscenities the whole way.  Catcher Russell Martin did admit after the game that the Fielder beaning was deliberate – a retaliation for Manny Ramirez getting drilled a couple of innings earlier.

My advice to the Dodgers?  Have Jason Schmidt fire one at Fielder again the first time he comes up tonight, then hit him with elephant tranquilizers, drag him off someplace and shove a cheeseburger down his throat.  It might help dampen these wild mood swings.