Those Hotel Beds Will Get You Every Time


Lots of wacky crap went down Saturday night for the Cubs, including Alfonso Soriano and Jeff Baker being switched back and forth between second and third to protect Soriano, who had to play the infield because Lou Piniella ran out of bench players, from having a ball hit to him.

And then there was the not-so-wacky crap…the crap that one might characterize as the “holy crap, here we go again” crap.  Like Carlos Zambrano getting yanked after the third inning because of a stiff back.

Not to worry though – Carlos says the injury is no big deal.  He thinks it happened because he slept funny, or maybe the hotel bed was too soft.

Compared to some of the other stuff that has bothered Carlos in the past, a backache caused by a too-soft bed is fairly innocuous.  It’s not nearly as goofy as, say, Carlos injuring his arm because he was emailing his brother too much.  Or Carlos cramping up because he drank too much coffee before games.

Something that has still never been answered to my satisfaction:  why does a person as wired-up as Carlos Zambrano need coffee?

Saturday night was a great one for injuries over all.  First you had Carlos drilling current NL batting leader Hanley Ramirez just above the knee, necessitating Hanley’s removal from the game.  Then, in the 9th, Aramis Ramirez, who has just been getting his groove back after a long DL stint, got hit in the side and had to leave.

Yes, the old Double-Ramirez.

Thankfully for the Cubs, Aramis’s injury isn’t thought to be serious either, and he should be back on Monday.

The Cubs were lucky to escape Saturday night with a 9-8 win, and were even luckier to escape with two of their superstars still intact.  Can’t wait to find out what will churn my guts next.