More Boring Trade Rumors: Teahen, Hermida, Bradley to Platoon


In case you weren’t fired up enough about the Cubs going after John Grabow or Joe Beimel at the trade deadline, here are some more names to get you properly excited:

Jeremy Hermida and Mark Teahen.

Yes, Jeremy Hermida – again.  The Cubs‘ eternal quest for a left-hand-hitting outfielder has led them back to Florida, where Mr. Hermida is hitting .249 with 11 homers.

Mark Teahen, meanwhile, is tearing it up for Kansas City, to the tune of a .290 batting average with 9 homers and 36 RBI.

These statistics don’t exactly jump off the page, until you realize that our current rightfielder, Milton Bradley, is hitting .209 from the left side with 6 dongs and 16 ribs.

Bradley’s inability to get it going from the left side is what has the Cubs once again shopping around for a lefty bat to give them some punch.  The plan is for Bradley to platoon, which would significantly cut his playing time given the dearth of lefty pitchers.

Something tells me Milton won’t take kindly to this plan.

Or maybe the “plan” is just a way to trick Milton into trying harder?