Bitter LaTroy Hawkins Thinks the Fix Was in


Former Cubs reliever LaTroy Hawkins was booted from Monday night’s game vs. the Astros after disagreeing vehemently with umpire Mike Everitt about a ball call to Aramis Ramirez in the 8th inning (the game was tied 1-1 at the time).  Now LaTroy has made his situation even worse by suggesting that Everitt has a bias in favor of the Cubs.

Maybe [Everitt] was having a bad day,” Hawkins said when asked about the incident after the game. “I thought he had determined who he wanted to win the game anyway.”

Yes, we all know the umpires are in the tank for the Cubs – that’s why they win the World Series every single year.  That’s why LaTroy got nothing but strike calls back when he pitched for the Cubs (strange that he still managed to melt down in almost every pressure situation he faced).

Clearly, Hawkins is still bitter about the fans basically running him out of Chicago in 2005.  LaTroy wanted Cubdom to have more patience with him while he worked out his issues.  LaTroy didn’t deserve all that booing and jeering even though you could literally see him melting like an ice cream cone left on a hot dashboard, creating a sticky mess all over the mound.

You would think four years would be enough for LaTroy to finally get over all that.  But I guess not.

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