Beimel or Grabow


The Cubs are not expected to make any huge Nomar Garciaparra-like deals at the trade deadline, so forget about Adam Dunn or anyone of that caliber joining the team (despite Lou Piniella‘s public statements about the club needing a big lefty bat).

So what kind of player can we expect the Cubs to pursue at the deadline?  A lefty reliever, probably Washington‘s Joe Beimel, or maybe Pittsburgh‘s John Grabow.

There was a time, before the season started, when most of thought there was a good chance the Cubs would be after Jake Peavy right now.  But Peavy’s health didn’t cooperate, and frankly, even if he were able to pitch, I don’t think the Cubs would be in the market for him.

The purse-strings have been pulled tightly shut, leaving Jim Hendry with few options.  Two of them are named Joe Beimel and John Grabow.  And don’t forget about B.J. Ryan who they got from Toronto a couple weeks ago, and have been trying to build back up in the minors.

So no – no trade deadline excitement for the Cubs.  We’ll have to content ourselves with what’s going on between the white lines.  That’s been pretty damn exciting itself lately, in case you hadn’t noticed.