Drool-Inducing Sports Rumor o’ the Day: Tigers Want Milton Bradley?


Mild buzz in the Twittersphere right now after this posting on the Twitter page allegedly belonging to Steve Stone (account is protected so no use linking):

"Rumor is that tigers are interested in trading for milton bradley. Cubs should fly him in a private jet."

Fly him in a private jet?  Oh, more than that man claiming to be Steve Stone.  Lou Piniella should hand deliver him to Jim Leyland with one of those “Good luck, you’re gonna need it” looks.

I don’t care what the Tigers are offering for Bradley – the Cubs should take it.  And yeah, I know Lou has been working with him, and I know he’s been swinging it better the last couple of days.  But I don’t give a hoot.  Bradley is simply never going to make it as a Cub; the environment is far too pressurized for someone of his temperament (that’s the nicest way I can word that).  Let him go to Detroit where people barely notice they have a baseball team.

And then follow up the move by getting on the horn to Washington and inquiring about Adam Dunn.  Cause in case you haven’t noticed, we still need a left-handed power hitter.  You can’t just stand pat while the Cardinals are adding pieces like Matt Holliday.  And what if the Brewers manage to pull off a trade for Roy Halladay?  There’d be Halladay and Holliday – and neither of them on the Cubs.