Update: Ted Lilly to Miss Saturday Start. Headed for the DL?


Here we go again with Ted Lilly.  His last start, his first coming off his All-Star Game non-appearance, was moved back a couple of days because he had a bad knee, and now Rotoinfo says Lilly’s scheduled Saturday appearance vs. the Reds has been scratched because he has a sore shoulder.  I don’t know if these physical woes had anything to do with it, but in Lilly’s start against the Phillies this week, he got absolutely shelled.  The rotation is starting to fall apart on us.

Update:  The news gets worse – according to the Chicago Tribune, Ted Lilly will most likely be placed on the DL in the next day or two with that bad shoulder.  The rotation shuffling will mean that Rich Harden will pitch a day game on Sunday, completely messing up the team’s plan to only let the apparent vampire Harden pitch at night.  Ryan Dempster should come off the DL next week to take Lilly’s spot in the rotation.  Giant flaming mess.

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