Lilly Beaten Silly by Philly


Ted Lilly has been arguably the most solid performer on the Cubs this year, but Monday night in Philly he just didn’t have it.  That became painfully evident pretty quickly:  in the bottom of the 1st, Raul Ibanez crushed a 3-run homer to dead center, putting Lilly and the Cubs in a hole they would never come close to climbing out of.

Lilly wasn’t done being hammered either:  he gave up a 2-run shot to catcher Carlos Ruiz in the second, then more runs in the 4th, finishing with a line out of a nightmare – 4 innings, 8 hits, 7 earned runs.

You sort of had a feeling things were going to slide back a bit after the elation of sweeping the Nats.  And they did.  But, even a 10-1 loss is only one loss.  Beat the Phils on Tuesday and that bad taste is instantly washed away.

Rich Harden will get the next shot at that fearsome Phillies line-up.  Let’s hope he fares better than Mr. Lilly.

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