Brewers Make a Move


The Brewers – who have now fallen a game behind the Cubs in the standings, by the way – have traded for Arizona Diamondbacks second baseman Felipe Lopez, sending a couple of prospects back the other way.  Lopez, who signed with Arizona before the season, is hitting .301 with 6 homers and a decent .364 OBA. The Brewers will pay all of the $3.5 million remaining on Lopez’s contract.

The Brewers, I assume, see Lopez as a replacement for Rickie Weeks, who got hurt a couple months ago, leaving the Beersuckers with such a huge hole in the top of their line-up, they were actually using Jason Kendall as a lead-off man.  This move is not on par with the CC Sabathia trade last year, but at least it shows that the Brewers are committed – to finishing third.