Lou Pops in on Barack Obama


Barack Obama has not been shy about expressing his preference for the White Sox over the Cubs – he even wore a Sox warm-up over his flak jacket when he tossed his ceremonial eephus pitch to Albert Pujols at the All-Star Game – but that didn’t stop Lou Piniella from paying prez a visit at the White House before reporting to the ballpark in Washington on Friday.

“We didn’t talk about baseball,” Piniella said of his five minute visit with Obama.  “He was very personable with my grandkids and my wife and children. I was very appreciative. He’s a class man and has done a really nice job for our country. It was just an honor and pleasure being in his presence.”

Lou joked with reporters that Obama didn’t give him any line-up ideas “like you all do.”  I wonder what they did discuss.  Maybe Barack asked Lou for some tantrum-throwing pointers.  It’s about time prez dropped that serene facade and vented his inner crazy man.  Next time he has some high-pressure cabinet meeting, instead of being all Mr. Zen, he needs to pick up a big folder and whip it at Hillary Clinton‘s head.  Then kick dirt on her shoes (why there would be dirt in a cabinet meeting is beyond me).