Milton Bradley Thinks He Can Turn it Around


Milton Bradley‘s tenure as a Cub has been rocky so far (to put it mildly), but the rightfielder, who was signed to a 3-year, $30 million contract before the season  (damn you Jim Hendry) says he knows things will get better.

“It’s a beautiful thing,” Bradley said, ”because I’ve got time to be the player I want to be and work through this rut and get there.”

Bradley added, “And I’ve got the support of teammates and the manager and the GM.  They stand behind me, so I know I’ll be able to work through it.”

Well of course they stand behind you Milton – they have to pay you $30 million.  Freaking baseball and its freaking guaranteed contracts.  If this were the NFL the Cubs could cut bait on Bradley any time they wanted (having already given him an absurd signing bonus, probably).

What do you think Jim Hendry and Lou Piniella would say under truth serum?  Exactly – that they wish they’d never taken the gamble with Bradley.  Actually, Lou might not need truth serum to cough that up.

The only bright side to all this is that Bradley has been a top-flight hitter in the past, and if he can just get past whatever’s eating him, he could be again.  Or he could just go insane and pummel someone to death with a bat, possibly himself.

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